The EBRD Public Procurement Assessment

The first ever EBRD public procurement sector assessment was conducted in 2010 as part of the EBRD's efforts to promote sound business practices in its countries of operations. The assessment of the public procurement sector, in line with the mission of the EBRD, intended to address efficiency and economy of the procurements and offer more insight into public procurement laws and practice in the EBRD countries of operations.

The assessment benchmarked the development of  the procurement process against international standards. One of the main aims of the assessment was to evaluate the level of development of public procurement laws and to identify elements of law and practice that reduce the efficiency and economy of the public procurement process in the EBRD’s countries of operations.

The assessment is based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the legal framework and national regulatory institutions, typical public procurement processes of the state and utilities contracting entities, and of the review and enforcement measures.

The assessment therefore comprised four key components: (a) a review of the quality of national public procurement legislation, (b) a review of local contracting entities public procurement practice, (c) a review of implementation of procurement sustainability policies, and (d) a case study dealing with public procurement review and remedies procedures.

Representatives of the national public procurement regulatory bodies, contracting authorities/entities and contractors were involved in the research. Through this project, the EBRD aims to influence and inspire the governments and policymakers to increase their efforts in legal reform in the region.

Initial results of the assessment were published in EBRD’s Law in Transition Online (autumn 2010 edition) and EBRD’s Transition Report 2010 and presented at the policy roundtable in May 2011 in Astana, during the EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum.

This website presents the assessment report as well as the the underpinning research, covering 29 countries of the EBRD region, and is going to be launched on 22 - 23 September 2011, during a public procurement reform conference in St Petersburg, Russia.

Conference summary report

Conference summary report


Mrs Olga Anchishkina
Mr Stefan Creanga
Mr Kubilhan Ertugrul
Mr Mikhail Evraev
Mr Daniel Ivarsson
Mr Jan Jackholt